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Oscura seducción

Oscura seducción (Maestros del tiempo, #1) - Brenda Joyce 4 stars for a mindless, not-overly-time-wasting reading with a plot that might have been mildly interesting (if overused) if it hadn't been because of all the (funny) sex.

1 star because, really... Multi-insta-orgasms, un-sexy descriptions of stuff leaking (ugh? lol), repetition, repetition, repetition, 200 pages too long, and annoying FMC with no sense (hey, random guy is going to take me away to somewhere potentially dangerous- what should I wear? Oh, I know! A thong and a mini skirt!).

But I needed some brainless reading after my last book, so meh, I'm being generous and adding a star to my actual 1-star rating.