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Book Clever

Mostly just my books, but also some reviews (they might contain spoilers, they're imported from GR and don't parse).

I'm an avid reader of all types, but be warned that I mostly enjoy: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romances and M/M erotica.

About Me

I'm an avid reader from Argentina. My favorite genres are horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romances and erotica (M/M mostly); however, you'll find I also read a lot of classics, YA, adventure, and many other types. 


When I was younger, although I loved to read with a passion, I used to be pickier about what I read and would only grab a book if it was a horror, but then a neighbor lend the Lord of the Rings and that opened the doors of the book world to me: fantasy lead to science fiction, which lead to many other genres, and while I still hold favorites (as stated above), by now I read a bit of everything. 


I love reviewing and recommending books, but sometimes times or laziness don't allow for me to review everything I read, so don't expect a steady flow of reviews. I do sometimes make reviews in exchange for free books, but only if it belongs to my favorite genres (since my time is limited).



Other than books, I also love Ball Jointed Dolls, learning languages, and RPGs. 



I'm a translator (English <> Spanish) and proofreader (Spanish), and am currently working freelance for an M/M press.

If you need a translation or proofing quote for your book, don't hesitate to ask. ;)