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The Return: Nightfall (Vampire Diaries)

The Return: Nightfall (Vampire Diaries) - L. J. Smith I'm not even sure what can be said about this book that is good.
I read the first four books of the series in Spanish, and I honestly can't remember the prose being this bad. After I started reading this I thought, damn, this read like a fanfic. I went hunting for reviews shortly after and was happy to find I'm not the only one who thought so.

The prose was terrible, not as terrible as some I've read, but certainly I can't remember disliking the style as much in the first 4 books. Either I was spared because of a wonderful translation, or it was just way better in those.
The little lovely love thing and the angel thing annoyed me to no end. And Damon... well, he acted like an idiot all through (and I'm not even talking about the Malach)- I wasn't even convinced. I was fairly sure I liked him enough by the end of book 4- I kept wondering as I read this one whether I was not confusing my liking of him with the tv character, because I also couldn't remember disliking him this much. Oh, it had some points in there, somewhere, but most of it? Most of it sucked.

And you know when I really really stopped taking it seriously? At the first mention of something Japanese. And it totally lost me completely the first time it used a Japanese word. By the end I was skimming through, because really, if I wanted to read a fanfic, I would not pick a 400 pages one.

Am I going to finish reading the series? Yes.
Am I going to like it? Well, I hope so, but I cringe every time I see something Japanese thrown very randomly in the middle of something. And if Stefan goes back to his lovely love things, ugh.