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Infected: Life After Death

Life After Death - Andrea Speed 2.5 again.
I'm not sure what to say about this. Maybe because I've had enough of crazy lovers who lost someone up and talking to their dead SO in the next installment, in a book that doesn't involve actual ghosts, and thinking that amount of crazy is the normal 'angsty' default way to dealing with heavy loss. Or maybe because there's still so much tell, tell, tell and "This is what happened" and none of the actual showing. (And I'm not going to touch the (!) and such inserted in the text this time).
It makes me wonder how I liked the one I read that made me want to read the series and failed to notice this. I guess I thought it was a fun idea, or maybe the writing had improved by then, or I was just in the right mood that I overlooked it.

In brief, I keep having the same troubles as with the previous books: Interesting idea, could-be-ok plots, but less than desirable execution (at least for my reading taste). I was actually prepared to give this one a full 3 stars because there was actually kissing (on the lips, le gasp!) and actually some more relationship stuff that made it feel a bit more like it really was focused on the characters and not in a weird in-between this time, but then the last half was sort of meh and ruined that feeling and 2.5 it is.

And also, I don't know what's with the need of describing to detail what people we only see once are wearing, it's not like it affected anything. Or knowing the full menu of what they're eating.