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The Black Jewels: Trilogy: Daughter of the Blood / Heir to the Shadows / Queen of the Darkness

The Black Jewels Trilogy: Daughter of the Blood, Heir to the Shadows, Queen of the Darkness - Anne Bishop There is sex, there is blood, there is violence.When I first got this book (it was a gift), I looked at it with a little reluctance (mostly for it's massive size seeing as it was 3-in-1), but it came from a friend who's reading habits I trust and mostly share, and so I started reading.I don't regret it one bit. Although between the first and second book I put it down for about a month, the rest of the time I was glued to the pages, wanting to know just what would happen next. I thought at first it wouldn't quite be my cup of tea, but I was left wanting to read more of [author: Anne Bishop]'s works as soon as I was done reading.There were some things in between that didn't sound too... concise; however, I loved the story and characters nonetheless, the whole hierarchy and concept was very interesting.If you like fantasy, and you are okay with the three stated above, I'd say chances are you'll like this one.