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Sebastian (Ephemera, Book 1)

Sebastian - Anne Bishop I didn't find it as catching as the Black Jewels Trilogy, however, I really did enjoy the book. I generally like the worlds Bishop builds, and the characters and kinds that go in them, so I guess it was to be expected I would enjoy it blindly. All in all I'm quite content with the book. I'd say it's a recommended read if you really enjoyed her other books, not so sure as a first read of her series, though.The story was nice, nothing I found out of the ordinary, but nothing that bored me out of my mind (though It began being a little annoying towards the end of the book). I found Sebastian (the character) entertaining at first, though I can't say I fancied the change towards the end, even if it was a "good" change and a "good" ending. I did end up liking Teaser more towards the end.