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Graceling - Kristin Cashore A great fantasy read. I truly enjoyed reading this book, it definitely went over my expectations for it. The pacing was a little slow on a couple points, but hardly found it to be a bother for the overall reading, I wasn't very fond of the translation (I read this in Spanish, and didn't fancy the way it was edited in it), but that is hardly the author's fault. As for the story itself, I found it very catching. interesting, and I'm eager to read more on the same vein. Regarding the characters, I liked the main female and male characters, and I actually found myself liking many of the minor characters as well- even the evil ones. I would have loved to see more about the villains, but I suppose there wasn't too much to sa- or perhaps it will be said later on.Whichever the reason for the lack of development of the villains, I'm certainly looking forward to reading more by this author- and whatever continues this saga. A recommended read for sure.