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Jardin de rama, el (Byblos)

El Jardin De Rama - Arthur C. Clarke Sooo, disappointing. Enjoyed reading about the parts about Rama, totally disliked the whole human parts of it and specially towards the end. And hated how suddenly when people are found alone on strange lands/ships/planets where they might never see another living person, they immediately think "Oh my, how are we EVER gonna populate this place? Lets get it on!"Nevermind at the point they still could have explored a lot more of Rama's secrets, or minded their survival even more than they did, or even tried to interact more with other species, etc. No no, lets propagate our species first.Also totally miffed about insertion of typical human reaction ("shoot first, ask later"). Since we're doing sci-fi, can we 'fictionize' it a bit more and pretend humans actually think?