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Cazadores de sombras. Ciudad de ceniza (Isla del Tiempo) (Spanish Edition)

Ciudad de Ceniza (Cazadores de Sombras, #2) - Gemma Gallart, Cassandra Clare Okay, I know I'm rating this 3 stars, and I almost rated it 4 (but the ending was lame) and it does mean I liked it, but let me say this: This is NOT a good book.And it's very rare for me to rate a book high even though everything else in it kind of sucked (I only tend to do that with movies - books, if I dislike them, I tend to dislike them entirely, not still find them fun).That said... It's badly written, the characters are mildly annoying at best, and the translator that did the Spanish edition was... I don't know, on drugs or something (or maybe it was the editor, or both... ) That said, I found it quite entertaining. The story was vaguely interesting and characters, although annoying (and mary-sueish and stuff) I found funny; that it was 'my type' of funny was just a plus. So all in all- execution was poor, but I was entertained, hence the 3 stars.