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Minimalism: How to Become a Minimalist (Illustrated With Bad Drawings)

Minimalism: How to Become a Minimalist (Illustrated With Bad Drawings) - Bekka Thomas It was an alright book. I appreciate that the author told a bit of her story and how it led her to minimalism, which was interesting, but it felt a bit TMI/Why-do-I-want-to-know-this at times and dragged on. Not that I don't sympathize, but just... it was not what I thought I'd get when I grabbed the book.

It had some basic tips/ideas/reasoning for getting rid of things and getting into minimalism, but it wasn't really something I would have titled "How to become a minimalist"; more like "How I became a minimalist", which is an entirely different category.
The first title makes you go into reading it expecting less life story and more help with the how-to, the latter tells you there's more story besides the possible tips and, for me at least, needed a different mind-frame for reading. The book was in the latter category, and I felt just a little mislead/cheated by the title.

Still, if you're overwhelmed by stuff and new to minimalism, it's not a bad read.