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Infected: Prey

Prey - Andrea Speed I think 2.5 is a bit more fair of a rating, since I can't decide if it's a 2 or a 3.
I mean, I liked it, but I have several gripes with it...

It was a bit hard to get into at first. It's separated in two "books" and was a tad repetitive, even within the same "book". Also there's a lot of telling and little showing in some parts, like the resolution to most cases. I understand part of it might be boring to go through in actual "story mode" since it doesn't *really* add to the romance (but is this really considered a romance?), but it seems a little lame to leave the resolutions as just telling in an "I don't care" fashion after the MC stressed over the case for half a book, and when you go through showing a decent part of the investigation too, since it makes it seem like there really is nothing important to the cases themselves, and so why put it in the story at all? To give background to the MC? Something to do? Doesn't work quite well.
Forehead kisses were cute, but I can only really recall one "real" kiss and it was fade-to-black type (I don't recall even mentioning lips touching), which was kind of awkward (as in, "the author might just be afraid of *gasp* writing M/M kisses on a M/M book). Since there were lots of fade to blacks, not that I particularly mind skipping an actual sex scene, but I think kisses -other than in the forehead- are kind of a necessity for an established romantic couple.

You can see where the plot is going though, and it gave the impression the author was still trying to find her way through the story/writing process here, so, I can forgive most stuff since the story was nice.