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Relato de un Náufrago - Gabriel García Márquez Bestiario - Julio Cortázar Bodas de sangre - Federico García Lorca Los árboles mueren de pie - Alejandro Casona Cronicas del Angel Gris (Spanish Edition) - Alejandro Dolina

So, I've got my book list for this year's Literature class. As expected, it's nothing I find overly entertaining. By general rule I dislike most Latin American writers, not because they're bad (I know they're very good), but because almost all of their writing is depressing and politics-ridden, and I like my reading to be an enjoyment, not to remind me of the lameness of everyday life. I was surprised to find there was no Horacio Quiroga on the list, because that's an author I love and I wouldn't have minded re-reading it for my class.


Instead, I tried to choose out of the list what sounded most entertaining; Dolina's "Cronicas del Angel Gris" I had already read- I can't remember it at all, but I know I liked it and I already had it, so that's what I'm starting with. I had also already read Casona's "Los árboles mueren de pie" and loved it, so I'm not worried about it; I'll read that one next month. I expect Cortázar won't be too annoying to read, at least not this book, but everything else... it's just not much my cup of tea.

I'm still missing one book, need to decide which will be my third play to read from the list- I didn't like any of the offered ones.


I'm thinking I'll have some real issues with this year's list, because as an avid reader I've trained myself to promptly forget those stories I don't care one bit about to instead remember all the nice ones I did like. I suppose I'll have to make sure to pay extra attention and remember these.


Our first exam on one of the books is on May 10th, so I have time to enjoy some lighter, happier reading until then.