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La guerra interminable (La guerra interminable, #1) - Joe Haldeman, Edith Zilli When I went to the library I was very hesitant on whether to grab this book or not, but I figured since I was only taking out one other book, I would give it a try. The author sounded familiar, after all.I regret actually picking it up. When I got home and read the reviews, so many of which had very high ratings, I thought it would be a great read; but to my personal taste it wasn't. The military parts - most of the book - was good, but it was rather slow and a little boring for someone who isn't that much into reading military and war related things. My bad, as I suppose I should have expected it given the title.And then it got to the whole homosexuality part and I thought: what the hell am I reading? I'm sure they could've come up with a hundred better ways to stop overpopulation, but okay, lets say I went along with it.I couldn't stand the main character- I couldn't stand any of the characters, frankly. The place the military gave women in this book? Awful. There is not a single thing I can rescue of it that I actually enjoyed. I had a hard time even finishing it.