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Dreams Made Flesh (Black Jewels, Book 5)

Dreams Made Flesh - Anne Bishop This books is comprised by four short stories. Two of which happen before the trilogy, one in the middle of it, and the last one after it.I agree with some of the previous reviewers- it wasn't "as good" as the original trilogy, but it was just as good in another sense. It's a slightly less dark and more romantic book, more fill-in between the blanks on things the main trilogy left hanging in the air, and I loved the more lighthearted tone of a couple of the stories, even if they all had dark moments. It's still understandable having skipped reading Book 4, but I'm not so sure you would care much for it if you haven't read the trilogy first.I must say I've fallen in love with most characters on the trilogy, so I've been looking forward to all reads related to that. I will be definitely doing my best to find books 4 and 7. :)