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ANGELOLOGY (Spanish Edition)

Angelology - Danielle Trussoni I have to say, I didn't like this one bit.The story might have been interesting, but I honestly couldn't get through it at all. There were pages and pages and pages of (quite pointless imho) description. Sure, you can tell me the stairs were old, creaky and moldy, but do I really need to know the position of it, color, smell of the mold, what that smell reminded the main character of as she headed upstairs, and etc when it's not even relevant to the story?And do I really need to read it again the next time she comes down 10 pages later?I don't think so.The only reason I forgot the description the first time is because there's so much random description of other seemingly random things in the middle that I forgot what was happening ten pages back.The family history bits also seemed randomly thrown in for me. Like the main character would be talking about something (say, a flower), and the flower reminded her of how her mother/father/whatever did this or that and only sometimes is this even relevant to the story.I wouldn't mind the info dump as much if it wasn't a 5 pages info dump in some somewhat semi-critical moment that might have finally given the book some action after all the repeat descriptions.I think once I counted like three or four similar descriptions of the wings of the same character, followed by another two or three of her son. In one chapter.I think I won't forget what her fantastic wings that you keep saying are fantastic look like from one room to the next. And yes, I get it, wing-envy, but you can show envy without re-describing. With mostly the same words (maybe the Spanish translation had run out of words to describe the same thing differently, I'll give the benefit of the doubt :P).That said, there was also apparently-I-made-research descriptions thrown in too in places that also seemed random (or at least, if not random, still distracted from the main story).So yeah, I gave up before the second part, because I skimmed ahead and it did not bode well in the description front.