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Magic's Promise (The Last Herald-Mage Series, Book 2)

Magic's Promise - Mercedes Lackey I have to admit, I hesitated on whether to rate it 3 or 4 stars.The book started rather annoying, but I have to admit, it got much better near the end- particularly if you can overlook the weird placings for emphasizing the words; and every two (whiny) sentences, too. Once you get past that, and are able to read a full sentence fluidly enough, the book's not half bad. In fact, I enjoyed it! But that doesn't mean I didn't find faults, or things that didn't appeal to my preference on books.Likes:* The story is interesting, catching, even, and I feel for the lifebonded-loss from book one and all that... a bit.* The old characters (well, all secondary characters) are a bit smarter, or at least, a bit more lovable, a bit nicer to deal with.* The new characters are nice, interesting, and much less whiny than our main character.* The main character has kinda grown. A little tiny bit.Dislikes:* Although the story is interesting, there's 300 pages of whining and 44 pages of real point to it. * "Am I whining?" he asks, yes dear, since book one, and a little too much, now that you're asking. But then, on book one he was a teen, and that was okay(ish), excusable at least. On this one he barely has an excuse.* Really? 300 pages to figure out you oughta stop brooding?* God, I hated hated hated the "I am so gay, really, I'm gay, but oh maybe I like this woman, and oh I'm such a stud that I have 1934820357284750341 sons, and oh, what a stud I am, everyone wants in my pants! But I'm angsty and sad and won't let anyone close. Oh wait, no, I don't like women, I really am gay after all. But I can still bang girls to give my friends who can't little offsprings."Huh-huh. Yeah, right.But yes, I will go read the next one! :P