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Almacen, El (Spanish Edition)

El Almacen - Bentley Little This book was just so all over the place, that I just don't know what to rate it. 2? 2,5? 3? I think I'll settle with a 2, just because it had such a disappointing ending (but I was ready to rate it a 3 or 4 at the start).Which takes me to... The start - actually about the first half of the book was quite alright. It was slow paced which might alienate some, but I found I enjoyed the writing style, and it had several creepy scenes that built up suspense and made me wonder what was going on with/in The Store. I can't say I loved the characters, they were all pretty bland in my opinion, but I could overlook that because the suspense it built.If you will, it was mostly showing, not so much telling.And then, somewhere between halfway or so and onward, it became... awful.On the last 2-3 chapters, it was completely telling, and showing almost nothing. The MC is called to meet King for no reason whatsoever? Just because "he's smart"? He did *nothing*. I mean, seriously. Even his fight against The Store wasn't anything so out of the ordinary that I would feel made him stand out as some sort of intellectual anti-Store prodigy for King to notice him and want to stop his little crusade. Hell, there was practically no crusade. The ending amounted to nothing, explained nothing (what was King? Yes, okay, I get it, 'the store', but it still means nothing to me; what were the night directors? Yes, okay, a hit to consumerism and how it sucks the life out of people, but I think it still had to make sense in the horror story context too... ), and in my opinion made very little sense and was awfully silly. Corny? Cheesy? Something like that.So in all, the ending ruined it for me, a real shame considering I was quite enjoying it at first.