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Aisling (Indigo, Book 8)

Aisling - Louise Cooper If there was one thing I didn't fancy much of the series as a whole, it was the whole Fenran issue and her single-mindedness about it, as well Indigo's general behavior when it came to him or just her having to face the demons.But mostly, it was the Fenran issue. I figured if they were holding him as a prize for the last book it would be for a reason, and lo and behold, it was- because he was the last demon. Color me shocked. Not.While I admit I wouldn't have been happy with a typical ending (Indigo saves the day, gets a happily ever after with Fenran as Queen), I wasn't at all happy with the ending we were given.The amnesia thing was completely dumb (and slow, and dragged out); Vinar was an hypocritical, annoying idiot; and if I'd been Grimya I would've let Indigo to rot and gone off with the wolf pack, because I'd sure as hell be tired of her behavior towards me. Indigo always refuses to listen to her, rarely takes her advise, and when faced with giving her five minutes to explain or going with Fenran, she chooses Fenran: You waited fifty years, you can wait five minutes for your friend.Never mind that she totally seemed to forget there was a last demon.Never mind that the whole last demon ordeal was just lame.Fenran suddenly being a sorry, greedy SOB that went mad made little sense to me (although I admit I enjoyed the contrast of Indigo's memories to what he really was, it just doesn't seem like a good ending for a book of this style - at least for my taste).I enjoyed the witch, but it all happening with her on the last book was too fast for me to really care about her. In brief, all in all, while I overall rather enjoyed the series, this last installment was disappointing, and if I'm not rating it a 1 it's only because Grimya is awesome.So, here's the ending I'm rewriting for myself: Grimya goes live happily ever after with the wolf pack, Vinar jumps off a cliff, the current royal family remains the current royal family, and Fenran and Indigo go into the Tower of Regrets never to be seen again (they can go mad and fight each other and their own demons forever and ever, locked in there, not bothering anyone else).