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Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew - Stephen King The Spanish Edition by Sudamericana of "Skeleton Crew" was actually split in (at least) three books... so I will review them individually, even tho I switched to the 'full' edition.One was "Historias Fantasticas", of about 200ish pages, which I hated (originally rated it just one star); I can't say I liked ANY of the stories there.The second one, "La Expedicion", which also has about 200 pages. The first story and another one inside were ok. The first one could have been far more interesting if it'd been longer, but it wasn't. It's the story that gave the name to the book.The third book, "LA Niebla/Skeleton Crew", was ok. The first story (The Myst) was good, the other two I didn't really care for at all. I was going to give it three stars, but then I decided that although I liked some stories, -most- the stories in the book weren't good in my opinion, so, two stars it is.