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The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner - James Dashner 2.5...ish.

The book was alright. I think if I'd been a loooooot younger, like maybe 10, I would have liked it a lot better. as it happens I'm not 10 and so I didn't get to enjoy it the same way.

The characters were bland, Thomas spent an awful lot of time saying how Smart he thought he was (but doing nothing smart); one thing the characters had in their favor though was that they actually acted perfectly the role of teenagers: they were all just as annoying and infuriating.
I can't say I cared for many of them. Literally. Characters died and I did not give a damn. Newt and Minho were okayish. Alby was an idiot.

The idea of the maze was interesting, but that it was "unsolvable" and the only way out was so... dumb, that no one thought to compare the sections was unbelievable, and it made it really bad. I'm not sure why they're building up to, but right now I fail to see how having the kids through any of that will solve anything. Interesting concept, doubtful way to get results.

Will read more and see how it goes.